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My name is Steff I'm betting since 2001. In this period I was member/administrator of some major betting forums.

Untill 2008 my expericence was semipro and this was just a hobby, but was enough to make new conexions and over 100 betting friends from all over the world.

In 2010 I launched project this time betting more carefully, with money management and some odds expertise I learned that reading between the lines you can find value in each bet.

So I started to win with positive ballance almost each month. You can find some of my tickets on Flickr  &  Facebook.

About turning hobby in to business

The whole ideea is that each day you can find 10 or 100 games, but is hard to choose the right one, because you don't have time to look for info, or you don't find any, or is hard to translate or you just don't know where to look for it, how much to stake and so on. So was born, because I'm focused and skilled to find this usefull info for me.

So why not turned this hobby in a business and send it also direct to your e-mail adress and we both earn from it? If you expekt me to send you fixed games or
100% games, go elsewhere, because in 99% of the cases this is bullshit or scam and no one will give you fixed games each week and for 20 euros).
Each day after I read newspapers, sites, closed forums and inside information from my friends I compile and send you what I think is the best bet and my advice,
using my stake plan.

With positive results my bankroll growth to 100 Eur / unit and each month I bet around 100.000 Euro (trading exclusive).


You can find statistics on my site and here:  LINK

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask:




  • All tips are my bets
  • Stakes between 100 - 1000 Euro.
  • Tips will be sent in your email.
  • Tips will be sent before 12h00 CET
  • You will receive at least 12 matches / month
  • Odds will be choosed as highest on market
  • Only strong bookmakers will be choosed



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